Working papers

Interim Allocations and Greedy Algorithms

Formerly "Greedy Allocations and Equitable Matchings"

Monotone Portfolio Problems

Statistical Discrimination and Statistical Informativeness with Matteo Escudé, Paula Onuchic, and Ludvig Sinander

Market-Based Mechanisms with Francisco Poggi

Pay Transparency and Discrimination

Largely subsumes a draft circulated as "Screening and Information-Sharing Externalities"

Redistribution Through Tax Relief

Platform-Mediated Competition

Subjective Complexity Under Uncertainty, revision requested at Mathematical Social Sciences

Efficiency in Bargaining with Externalities (note)

Published papers

Reverse Bayesianism: A Generalization with Edi Karni and Marie-Louise Vierø

The BE Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2020

Other writing

Deciphering Nicaragua's Tepid Covid Response 

NACLA, June 17, 2020